Battleloot Adventure HD – The kingdom of Kameloot is not going through its best days – its lands are inundated with goblins, orcs, zombies and other disgusting vermin. The need for courageous heroes is greater than ever. But, of course, few heroes today agree to accomplish exploits for free. Therefore, the most distinguished daredevils are promised fame and wealth (the emphasis is on the latter). And here the company of your desperate crooks comes into play.

The heroes make no secret of their passion for profit, highlighting the atmosphere of slight absurdity that reigns in Battleloot Adventure. It and a nice design have it immediately. The impressions of the game are very good. Its most important advantage is its fascinating combat system.

Battleloot Adventure is actually a set of combat quests set in different parts of the kingdom. Three Daredevils are allowed to be sent into battle by a relatively large company of heroes. In this case, it is necessary to indicate their tactical position: in front of everyone, on the flank, behind. And, of course, choose your class wisely.

The character classes interact according to the “scissors-paper-stone” principle. For example, warriors are effective against mages, and mages are excellent at dealing with agile thieves. Etc. For each enemy trump, you can choose the appropriate response. You will have to constantly change the composition of the team – each mission has its own specificities. For ease of navigation, before you start the quest, they even give you a hint – they indicate which class is most and least in demand in that particular task.

But even if you can’t make the perfect team, that’s okay – heroes can support each other in battle. You snap your finger on one adventurer and send him on the attack, tap the second – and he joins his comrade. Combination attacks are not only more powerful, but they can also provide bonus stars, which are necessary to activate special abilities of heroes (summon a huge fireball, heal the whole team at once, etc.).

Certainly, it takes energy to support a comrade in battle. It is also spent on defense – if you tap the hero before he is attacked, he becomes in the “block”. Energy is replenished over time, but not so quickly that it can be spent without thinking. The balance between effective combined attacks and defense must be struck.

Blocks are especially important when mini-bosses spawn in the field. The combat system is simple, turn-based (you don’t have to worry about that), but interesting. You don’t need to move your warriors around the field, but you need to constantly watch out for the most effective options for interacting with them.

Plus, in time to apply some special abilities. Nothing is more important than a mechanical tactical release chicken that stuns the most dangerous foe. Of course, Battleloot Adventure has a store with a bunch of items and an arsenal of weapons for your protections, and there is also a simple system for developing their characters – as tasks are completed, heroes gain strength. experience, new levels, new skills.

But for every step towards perfection, you have to pay with hard-earned coins, which are always scarce. Here, of course, the developers are starting to hint at micro-payments. But we know that the real heroes are always circulating – that is, they will replay the tasks already completed. Or they enter a special gladiatorial arena.

Typically they grind. Are sent to replay already completed tasks. Or they enter a special gladiatorial arena. Typically they grind. Are sent to replay already completed tasks. Or they enter a special gladiatorial arena. In general, they grind.

Right now, with some disappointment, we find out that in Battleloot Adventure, in fact, there is nothing but the pumping and fighting system. It would be some sort of conspiracy plot. Or an interesting collection of some special bonuses. Well, or at least a greater variety of opponents. Alas.

However, that doesn’t mean Battleloot Adventure didn’t work. She just isn’t as good as she could be. The theme of a humorous fantasy setting, as it was once all the rage to say, has not been disclosed. Still, in the niche of simple tactical RPGs like Battleheart or Raid Leader, this game feels good.