Angry Birds Space HD – n Angry Birds Space, we always shoot the birds with a slingshot, trying to destroy the insidious pigs – either with a direct hit or bury them under the rubble of ingenious structures. The birds have gone into space, but the concept has not changed. The conditions have changed.

Previously, it was immediately clear: here is the sky and the air, where the birds take off; here is the country in which they are inexorably drawn to crash with all the drugs. In the spatial version, the levels have become more abstract. For example, a slingshot can be installed on a small moon on the left, pigs are hiding on a large block on the right, and there is another small planet between the moon and the block. This will attract the flying birds, so you will need to adjust the path accordingly.

Gravity generally plays a key role in Angry Birds Space. Here you can, for example, launch a chick into the orbit of an enemy “pig” planet, and with each orbit it will get closer and closer to the surface until it reaches the spot. which you need. If, of course, you’re in luck.

Yes, the role of luck has increased. Especially at those levels where the notorious gravity is absent at all. Imagine: space and a cluster of meteorites, in the middle of which green enemies sit in air bubbles. With “explosive” birds, it is necessary to disperse the meteorites so that they begin to crash into each other in chains and at the same time shatter the pig shelters.

The effect of the explosion and the trajectory of the stone scattering can only be calculated approximately. Therefore, it is not uncommon, even after you have guessed the perfect solution, that you have to try it over and over again, until everything finally turns out well, and that shard will fall into that box with dynamite.

However, I don’t think Angry Birds audiences will be embarrassed by such forced reruns. In addition, the non-gravity levels compare favorably to the usual “Try to destroy the next pig fortress” scheme. The boss fights that have arisen are also seen as something new.

If only there were more steps. Now, at first, they are frankly not enough. Fans with a full hand will pass everything in one day (but maybe not with the maximum score, and without collecting all the bonuses). And the extra tier bundle for the dollar is seen as a mockery.

However, the lack of content will be permanently fixed in future updates. By the way, I would like to believe that some nasty mistakes will also be corrected quickly. For example, Angry Birds Space sometimes doesn’t count the destruction of pigs that flew off-screen (in fact, killed).

Overall, despite the new stuff with physics, the feeling of a revolutionary breakthrough is akin to launching a straightforward, proud guy Yura (named Gagarin) to the stars – Angry Birds Space doesn’t conjure up . It’s an old game with slightly changed rules and a different image. No more no less. Hopefully, one day Rovio can give us something fundamentally different from a simple version of “birds”.